High-end gear hubs and shift mechanisms, designed as a modular system to work seamlessly together.

At the heart of the internal gear system is a unique 7 speed planetary series with non-compound planetary gears, using fewer parts, offering a wide range with even gear intervals in a compact design. Designed to fit both the hub and shift actuator within the rear triangle of the frame, everything is well protected, inboard of the chain- and seat stays

Designed for efficient shifting and practical use in combination with any Kindernay internal gear hub, HYSEQ stands for HYdraulic and SEQuential. The system comprises a shifter, actuator, and hydraulic hose, and is based on the same underlying principles as hydraulic brakes, with a closed reservoir for thermal compensation, and bleed nipples on both the actuator and shifter for quick and hassle-free bleeding. The system is light-weight, robust, and simple, with a direct shift feel and minimal maintenance required.

The flexible SWAP hub flange system allows separation of the wheel from the internal gear hub. Wheel rims are laced to SWAP cages rather than the hubs, allowing quick assembly and changes between wheels, without the need to purchase a new gear hub for each new wheel. Kindernay SWAP shells have a unique cut-out design for optimal combination of light weight, tension-absorption, and high strength performance.



Kindernay has developed the first high-performance internal gear hub with a 12mm thru-axle, featuring hydraulic shifting and a detachable flange cage, giving you accurate, maintenance free gearing, in one lightweight robust package.

Kindernay gear hubs have fewer parts, resulting in a more compact solution, lower weight, with better performance and higher effi ciency than other gear systems

We use dog clutches with 24 points of engagement on a large diameter clutch (instead of a single, small engagement pawl), for extreme durability and better shifting performance.

The HYSEQ plug-and-play system requires no calibration of the gear shifter. It is low maintenance, with no clogging or wear of cables, for smooth and consistent shifting over the service life of the product.


THE NEW BENCHMARK FOR E-BIKE GEAR HUBS. Oslo, September 2021 - Innovative Norwegian internal gear-hub maker Kindernay wins the prestigious Eurobike Award 2021. An independent panel of expert judges recognizes the newly launched Kindernay VII internal gear hub as the new benchmark for e-bike gear hubs. Jury Statement: "The Kindernay VII has seven speeds, an overall range of 428% and is approved for a torque of up to 160 Nm. Plug and play, no calibration needed. A big thumbs-up from us!"



A wide range, compact design, high torque capacity, adjusted-for-life shifting, and other features make Kindernay the perfect gear solution for all kinds of bikes and e-bikes.

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