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The Kindernay Engineering Design philosophy ensures that every single subcomponent is designed for optimal performance as a unified part of the complete Kindernay drivetrain. The result is a fully integrated, perfectly tuned and patented system. No Kindernay part is designed without taking into consideration how it interacts with the other parts of the system.

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The Kindernay Faction is a modular product system wherein the three main components: the gearhub, HYSEQ shifting unit, SWAP hubshell, and the Matchcaps are interchangeable across versions, allowing you to customize your Kindernay for your particular riding style.

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Optimized use of ultra high grade materials yields the ultimate strength to weight ratio. The applications of aerospace grade aluminium, high strength steel, advanced heat treatments and surface hardening processes not only save weight but also reduce friction and increase efficiency.



The first internal gear hub that accommodates a 12mm through-bolt, yielding a total of 14 speeds out of just three simple planetary series. Also, the lightest full-range 14-speed gear hub on the market, weighting just 1400 grams. For even more practicality, we've designed the XIV with a wide gear range of 543% between the first and fourteenth speed, and 13.9% gear intervals.
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