The 3-part kindernay xiv internal gear system

Kindernay XIV

The K’ay XIV is a new internal gear hub, the first internal gear hub designed to accommodate a 12mm through-bolt. At 1400 grams, it’s the lightest full-range 14-speed gear hub on the market. This is made possible by our innovative and advanced planetary gear design, which yields a total of 14 speeds out of just three simple planetary series. To make the technology practical, we designed the XIV with a wide gear range of 543% between the first and fourteenth speed, and even 13.9% gear intervals.

This range is wide enough for most riders, and the intervals make speed changes intuitive and natural. The internal clutch design is also innovative. Power torque from the pedals through the chain to the hub shell transfers through our specially designed clutches, with a large diameter and great number of engagement points. This gives the feeling of rapid and direct pedal engagement, with no pedal flex or mush when you stomp hard. Make no mistake – the Kindernay XIV is made for performance-oriented riding. For a sleek look on your high-end bike, the hub diameter is no larger than ~10 cm (4 inches). And for comparison, the gear range is wider than an external chainring and cassette setup with e.g. 1×12 and a 50 large cog (e.g. 10×50 yields 500% range) or 2×11 (26×38 up front and 11×42 in the back). Just that the XIV is internal and lasts longer, with minimal maintenance…

Summary of features:

  • 543% gear ratio with 14 speeds in sequence, and even 13.9% intervals
  • Lightest 14 speed gear hub ever, approx. 100 grams pr. speed
  • The first multispeed gear hub with a full-length tunnel extending all the way through, for receiving standard 12 and 10mm through-axles
  • Multiple axle stub versions available, for both 142mm/148mm/197mm x12mm and 135mm/190mm x10mm frames
  • Rigid axle mount with minimal torsional flexing, for a stiff rear wheel
  • 24 engagement points per revolution, for rapid pedal engagement at any time
  • Large diameter clutches, for high torque-capability and gear strength
  • Instantaneously shifts – once the shift-click is heard, the shift has been completed
  • Shift standing still, shift coasting, shift while airborne, shift under load
  • Low maintenance, very long service life
  • Outlasts your bike – move it on to your next bike, or sell it and upgrade to a next-gen version

Kindernay HYSEQ

The K’ay Hyseq is a new gear shifter, designed for efficient shifting and practical use in combination with the Kindernay XIV gear hub. It’s hydraulic, similar to that of your hydraulic brakes, with a bladder for thermal compensation, and oil nipples on both actuator and operator for bleeding. The system is light-weight, has a direct shift feel, and is robust and simple, with little need for maintenance. Mounting the shift actuator is simple, as the gear hub comes fully set up from the factory. Yup, no wire to adjust or readjust, just mount the pre-bled system, and go ride! For quick wheel removal, the actuator is easy to detach from the hub, and equally easy to mount. For longevity, the actuator is mounted on the inside of the frame axle mounts, well protected from potential impacts.

Summary of features:

  • Hydraulic shifter
  • Light-weight
  • Hydraulic push / direct shift feel with no “mush”
  • Simple and intuitive sequential shifting, just one lever per shift direction
  • Change a single speed at a time, or change several speeds in a single, longer stroke
  • Low need for maintenance
  • Allows shifting in all situations: under load, at full stop, during coasting
  • Easy to mount, just install and go ride! No shifter or gear adjustment needed
  • Easy, tool-free detachable shifter, for ease of wheel removal and re-mounting
  • Compatible with all Kindernay gear hubs
  • Protected actuator, for lesser risk of accidental damage
  • Switch right/left up/down shifting
  • Simple shifting, the pilot-unit has a right and left lever for shifting up and down. Other options are in the pipeline.

Kindernay SWAP

K’ay SWAP is a new and versatile wheel system for internal gear hubs. With this system, the wheel rim is laced separately from the gear hub, allowing the internal gear mechanisms and the fully laced wheel to be detached from each other with ease, and mounted together again. This effects how wheels for internal gear hubs are used, and makes the Kindernay XIV more versatile and flexible than other internal gear systems on the market. A customer can now purchase a fully laced wheel, without having to calculate spoke lengths and arrange for building of the wheel. The gear hub is no longer semi-permanently locked to a rim, which eases tyre and rim swap. The fully laced wheel can easily be removed from the gear mechanisms, and switched for a different wheel and rim. For example, changes between different width rims (wide/narrow), changes between racing and training rim sets, or move the gearbox to a bike with different wheel size (e.g. 29″/650,26″), or replace any broken part, a wheel with a flat tyre etc.

Summary of features:

  • Detachable flange cage, for ease of lacing and assembly with rim, without gear mechanisms attached
  • Cutout design for light weight, tension-absorbing operation, and strength
  • CNC precision machined
  • Normal length SWAP version for 135/142mm axle gear hubs. Long SWAP version for 190/197mm axle gear hubs
  • Large flange cage with parallel spoke mounts, for stronger no-dish wheels with fewer and shorter spokes
  • Available in 32h and 28h versions

Developed in Norway, Made in Europe

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