A world where gears are internal

The story of Kindernay is about passion for cycling and new technologies.

We ride trail, DH, freeride, enduro, XC, transport, and road. Sometimes we ride hard, sometimes for fun. We’ve won national level races, and we’ve crashed. Sometimes we break stuff: bikes, parts, and legs. We love our bikes… but we also want them to be better. We believe in a world where gear systems are internal.

Incidentally, we’re also engineers, and have decades of experience in the development of complex mechanical devices. Our inventions are on the seabed, terra firma, and in space too. And we’ve delved deep, to bring about innovative transmission parts for automotive brands such as Porsche AG, VAG, and BMW, and heavy truck makers, like MAN, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, and Scania.


But that’s another story. We’re still cyclists at heart. And here we are, having developed the worlds first, light-weight, robust, and reliable, real substitute to derailleurs. The Kindernay XIV. A step towards a world where gears are internal. We’ve made it for ourselves, we’ve made it for you, and for everyone.

Developed in Norway, Made in Europe

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