What is Kindernay?

Kindernay is our brand and registered trademark.
K’ay and K are short for Kindernay, pronounced “K”.
Kindernay Corporation is a Norwegian limited liability corporation that develops, makes, and markets advanced internal gear systems.​

Kindernay XIV is our product: the lightest, and most versatile, and advanced full range internal gear system.

In roman numerals, XIV denotes the number 14 (fourteen). X is 10, I is 1, V is 5. IV is “1 less than 5” = 4. XIV = 14.

Kindernay HYSEQ is another one of our products, a simple and durable, low-maintenance, low-weight, direct feedback shifter, for shifting two-way Kindernay gear systems.

HYSEQ is short for “hydraulic and sequential”.

Kindernay SWAP is another one of our products, a new and innovative detachable wheel system, for ease of tyre and rim swap.

Just like other components on the bike that are actually two different parts that can be put together, SWAP makes the gearbox and fully laced wheel detachable from each other.

Hence, the wheel and the gearbox may be removed and changed for another. You may change to different rim diameter (29”, 650, 26”), different width, material (carbon/alu), or different purpose rim / wheel (training/competitive).

Product information

The Kindernay XIV has 14 speeds, with even steps of 13.9% (XIV=14).
This gives a total range is 543%, which is greater than normal external gear systems of today, for example a 2×11 system with 38/11 in the hardest gear and 26/42 in the lightest would have 511%, and there the narrow chain also has to bend all over the place.

For the techies:
1*1,139*1,139*… etc how many times?
1*1,139^13 = how much?
why 13 and not 14? 🙂

The Kindernay XIV is the first and only multispeed gear hub that is compatible with a full-length 12mm (or 10mm) through-axle, via a full-length tunnel stretching from side to side.
Clutches with 24 engagement points give rapid pedal engagement, and clutches with large diameter allow high torque, and instant / rapid pedal engagement, no pedal slack or spongy feeling in the pedals. The clutches can handle DH, freeride, and e-bike at max torque.

Shift through the whole gear range, without even turning the pedals.

…and alot more, you gotta try it.

The Kindernay XIV hubgear is designed to withstand the rigors of mountainbiking. It is designed to handle a nominal torque of 150Nm on the hub and a chain tension of 3000N, though the maximum peak torque capacity is higher.

A good general guideline to cog sizes would be as follows: The minimum sprocket that the hub can handle is 13T, however riders expecting to use the hub up to its upper torque capacity should use larger sprockets, preferable 15T or larger to avoid overload and premature wear both on the hub and crank bearings and the drive line itself. The crank/hub sprocket ratio should be chosen in the range of 1.9 to 3.0.

Use rear hub sprockets that are compatible with Shimano DX/DXR.
Cogs no thicker than 2.3mm.

At this time we do not have any plans to make any special adaptions to optimize the Kindernay XIV for belt drive. However, it might be possible to fit a belt with some setups.

The Kindernay XIV is the lightest full-range internal gear system on the market.
XIV gearhub raw weight (approx): 1400 grams
HYSEQ shifter raw weight (approx): 365 grams (actuator, cables, right and left operators)
SWAP wheel shell weight (approx): 101 grams
+ some peripheral components depending on frame setup

Kindernay XIV fits on frames with rear spacing 135mm with a 5mm quick release or 10mm axle, 142mm spacing and a 12mm axle, 148mm boost, 190mm spacing and a 10mm axle or 197 spacing and a 12mm axle. 170mm/177mm x 12 is in the works.

You’ll need a HYSEQ trigger shifter.
The current system is not compatible with integrated drop bar shifters.

General technical questions

The gear mechanisms of internal gear systems are packed up inside a metal casing.
The inner mechanisms are therefore less likely to be influenced by anything happening outside the casing. Mud, dust, dirt, branches, rocks, shaking, and jolts won’t mess things up easily.

In principle, internal gear systems are more robust than external gear systems are. They also require less maintenance.

Here at K’ay, we believe more in the use of internal gears than external gears in sports such as motocross and most types of mountain biking.

Most internal gear systems are of the “planetary gear” type, you may read more about this type of gear system bellow.

True, most internal gear hubs are made to handle only city biking.
But not this one. The Kindernay XIV is tough and ready, designed to handle rough mountainbiking: enduro, freeride, DH, and trail riding.

‘Planetary gears’, or an ‘epicyclic gear train’ is a type of mechanical system with cogged wheels that run within each other.
An epicyclical gear train can be imagined by picturing the solar system.
In the center of the system is a sun. Surrounding the sun are planets, that revolve around the sun.

In an empicycical gear train, there is also a sentral sun, in the shape of a cogged “sun gear” with outwards pointing gear teeth. Surrounding the sun gear are cogged “planet gears”, with outwards pointing gear teeth, that mesh with the gear teeth of the sun gear. These planet gears are held in place relative to each other by a “planet carrier”.

By locking the planet carrier to the sun gear, the system will revolve with the same speed. Now, by releasing the carrier from the sun gear, the planet gears begin to roll around the sun gear. Thus, the system provides two different speeds. First there’s a 1-1 speed, where the sun and planet rotate at the same velocity. Second, there’s a speed where the sun and planet carrier have different velocities, yet always the same ratio in between the two.

A more complex planetary gear has also a cogged outer ring, called an “annular gear”, with gear teeth pointing inwards. The annular gear teeth mesh with the planets, so that the planets mesh not only with the sun gear in the center, but also with the annular gear outwards.

Such a planetary series, with a sun gear, planetary gears held together by a carrier, and an annular outer gear, can yields multiple useful speeds.

Company related

Our technologies are protected with patents that have been granted in several jurisdictions.
We’ve also registered designs and trademarks.

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